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Alternative Snowmelt

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How it works?

Voltage is applied to a printed, painted, fabric and/or concrete electronic that dissipates heat.


Before application, surfaces may require sacrifying, shot-blasting, griding and/or repair to ensure good adhesion. For printed and fabric electronics surfaces may also require an adhesive primer to effectively install.


Printed electronic products are used as a flexible overlays or underlays. Painted, fabric and concrete electronics are usually installed on-site as field-assembled device sets complete with instructional materials.


Plug in your printed electronics. For field-assembled device sets, test the resistance between elements, the cathode (+) and anode (-), and connect to temperature controllers fitted with thermal sensors that help regulate AC/DC voltage applied.


Inspections and field evaluations may be preformed by the electrical authority having juresdiction to make sure your electronic snowmelt system complies with electrical codes and standards.


What is it?

Choose from the following alternative snowmelt technologies.


Manufactured electronics printed using inks and pastes onto flexible and rollable substrates. These are readily available and affordable, with good efficiency.


Brush, roller or spray-on applications of paints and coatings that are applied directly on surfaces. These offer good adhesion, longevity and repairability, with superior efficiency.


Manufactured electronics woven from conductive polymer and fiberglass fibers that are flexible. These are versatile and resilient circuits, with excellent efficiency


Cast, or potted, electronics using conductive concrete that is permanently installed. These are cost-effective and sustainable materials, but with lower efficiency.


Just super effective.

Check out the features, before considering another snowmelt system.


Printed electronics are affordable and customizable, while paints, fabrics and concrete are an economical alternative for larger surface areas.


Heating elements are closer to the surface, offering improved thermal transfer and energy performance in comparison to other heating systems.


Apply onto various surfaces with greater flexibility, save on down-time, and commission a snowmelt system faster than ever!


Solutions and methods are repeatable, and adaptible to existing construction practices and equipment to ensure applications can be scaled-up with precision.


Repair is easy with a surface-mounted alternative snowmelt system, since each element can be replaced or refinished without the need for heavy construction.


Elements are electrically isolated from ground to prevent electrical shock and damage, while continuous temperature measurements are monitored by controllers.


Questions and Answers.

Still haven't picked up on what's going on here? Maybe you've got a few questions...

Is it possible to install a painted electronic that's clear?

Yes, we do supply transparent solutions. These are usually much higher in cost than carbon-based conductive paints and require different design considerations.

How do I install a fabric electronic under interlocking?

Try sandwiching your fabric electronic between two geomembranes before adding your sand, gravel and interlocking on top.

Are these applications similar to spray-on solar?

Yes, painted electronic heating elements may be applied onto surfaces using airless or HVLP spray gun equipment.

How do I install a printed electronic on top of asphalt?

Prep the surface as needed, before rolling on your adhesive. Place a thin and flexible printed electronic on top, and let dry before finishing with a thermally conductive epoxy or polyaspartic top-coat.

Where can I find these products?

You're in luck, that's us! Our team is dedicated to providing you with electronic heating products and services.

How long do your solutions last?

Printed electronics are robust and may last up to 7 years. Paints, fabrics and concrete are inorganic, chemically resistant, and offer greater strength for up to 10 years or more.

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