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HEAT ROLL™ Technology

What is it?

HEAT ROLL™ SX Series is a planar flexible electrical heat trace appliance manufactured roll-to-roll, used for snowmelt & de-icing, based on our proprietary patent pending technology.

Heating Element

Printed ink and textile heating elements can achieve surface power densities up to 40 W/sq. ft., meeting ASHRAE guidelines for snowmelt & de-icing.

Thermal Materials

Thermally conductive polyamide films and low thermal conductivity aerogel-polyamide composite films improve efficiency and make the design further compact.

Protective Covering

Mechnically & chemically resistant EPDM rubber membrane, with inner aluminum foil envelope, protects interior components and personnel from electrical shock.

HEAT ROLL™ Assembly Process

How does it work?

HEAT ROLL™ SX Series can be pre-assembled, or assembled on the field as a heating panel device set.

Cut to Length

Easily cut to any length using a sharp pair of scissors, since heating elements are parallel. Available in 11", 24", 36" or 48" widths and standard 50 ft. roll lengths.

Insert Circuitry

Peel open and insert a supplementary flexible circuit into the pocket -- used for power and control. You can customize insert circuitry based on your application, including power connectors or even membrane switches for control.

Connect & Seal

Electrically connect heating element to flexible insert using terminal foil butt splice connectors. Seal both ends of HEAT ROLL™ with butyl rubber/mastic tapes for a watertight assembly.

HEAT ROLL™ Applications

Where is it used?

Choose from the following applications...


Customized to the length of steps and/or walkways, with an anti-skid tread for safety. Available in 11" and 24" rolls up to 25 ft. long using a 120V service and 20A branch circuit, or 24", 36" and 48" rolls up to 50 ft. or longer using a 240V service and 20A or greater branch circuit.


Cut to the length of driveways or motor vehicle pathways as 2-track heating panel device sets or mats. Available in 24", 36" and 48" rolls up to 50 ft. or longer and may be used with a 120V service with two (2x) 20A branch circuits, or a 240V service and 20A or greater branch circuit.


Rolled along the edge of the roof line next to eavestroughs and gutters on top of existing shingles or as an heated waterproofing underlayment. Available in 11" rolls up to 50 ft. or longer using a 120V or 240V service and 20A or greater branch circuit.


Placed on top of trailer tops as a fixed heating panel set or as a portable device that can be removed before commissioning following a snow storm. Available in 48" rolls up to 50 ft. long using a 240V service and 50A branch circuit.

HEAT ROLL™ Features

Just super effective.

Roll onto any surface with ease and flexibility.


Customizable for any length at an economical price for large surface areas without the need for heavy construction.


Heating elements are closer to the surface, offering improved thermal transfer and energy performance in comparison to other heating solutions.


Roll onto various surfaces with greater flexibility, assemble and connect a snowmelt system faster than ever!


PTC heating elements provide higher efficiency and increased safety from overheating.


Components such as the heating element, thermal insulation, and insert circuitry may be easily removed or replaced, and terminations re-connected.


Class I - Grounded appliance, connected to GFCI to prevent risk of shock to personnel from damage to the appliance in hazardous environments


Questions and Answers

Still haven't picked up on what's going on here? Maybe you've got a few questions...

Is it possible to install HEAT ROLL™ SX Series around pipes or vessels?

Yes, it's possible. However, we recommend upcoming product lines made of fabrics for easy wrapping around smaller diameters.

Can I install under interlocking?

The SX Series is not for below ground installations, as it would decrease efficiency and is not recommended. This model should be the contact surface to melt snow and de-ice.

Is HEAT ROLL™ self-regulating, or is a temperature controller required?

Certain SX Series models are manufactured using heating elements that exhibit PTC thermistor properties, which would make them self-regulating. However, our standard models require thermal sensors and on-board or off-board temperature controllers.

How do I install a printed electronic on a roof?

Pre-measure length of roof line and cut roll before installing. Use a nail gun to mount SX Series at the edge of the roof line, 1" from the axial edge of the roll over the shingles. When used under shingles, seek approvals from shingle manufacturers.

Where can I find these products?

You're in luck, that's us! Our team is dedicated to providing you with HEAT ROLL™ SX Series products and services.

How long do your solutions last?

HEAT ROLL™ SX Series is made using robust materials and conductive inks that may undergo heavy duty cyles lasting up to 7 years.

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